imageWelcome to Clint's Therapeutic Massage! Escape to paradise with a relaxation massage. Focus on problem areas with therapeutic work.

Reduce stress

Whether your stress comes from a hectic job, unruly kids, or life in general, a massage can help manage it.

Release tension

Massage can definitely help with sore, aching muscles by releasing those built-up tensions.

Relieve pain

Pain can be a side-effect of stress and muscle tension. Massage has been shown to relieve headaches, back and neck pain, and other common aches and pains.


You deserve a little time to yourself to relax with a soothing, calming massage. It can also promote better sleep.


You’ll feel like a new person ready to greet the next day with a fresh attitude after a revitalizing massage.


Massage boosts the immune system, increases circulation, promotes flexibility, and improves range of motion. Make massage part of your health routine.